Monday, March 1, 2010

A lesson on: Farming

You heard me right, farming, not the kind you do with chickens, no no, this is a killing spree. I like to farm with these guys: Angus soulfist, a.k.a Fallon's husband, and Keira Darkheart, here's a picture of what I mean. You get it? I'm the tank who always goes first, and makes sure that a weakness doesn't get put on the damager. The trapper, on the other hand, put's up feint's and stuff, so the damager can hit giant. All, my job is as the tank while I farm is to keep him on me, so all I put in my deck is tower shields, and distract, or taunt. I found out the best way to farm is Oyomoi, the wraith in the village of sorrow, to make him respawn, have all players walk out of the circle. So, thats all for today on our lesson of: Farming.