Monday, September 5, 2011

Destiny's Destiny!

That's right! a Dynasty of the Destiny of Destiny! I'll be taking screen caps throughout whatever world of the spiral she's in. Whenever she finishes a world, I'll post the pics and put little random captions! Get ready for a dynasty of epic! (Look at that! Even a cool little Chinese logo for the Project!)
-Le Pang 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Le Pickle

Le Pang is stuck in Le Pickle. Who to level up? The main, the healer, the one who wears black and green only known as the infamous Erin? Or what about that alt, named Ryan, oh so humbly. For he is level 58. Or the balance wizard named Cheyenne, who's stuck in a pickle of her own adventuring through Dragonspyre. Maybe even the fire wizard, who is dodging gears and waving the steam of golems away from him, who is only known as Seth. Or perhaps even the storm called Destiny, who's destiny is to finish Wizard City. And finally, the newbie death wizard who wears barbaric clothes from the Dragons Hoards pack, who is known as Cole. What will Panglou do to rid of the confusing, yet wondrous pickle? Only time will tell. Or Gandalf, but alas, I know no Gandalf.

-Le Pang ;)