Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hybrid pets, good or bad?

Well ever seince the update for the Celestia pre-quests, the price for those furry friends went down around 52% That means that if it cost 90 thousand for a hybrid it now costs about 40 grand. That makes the hybrids much more what they're worth.

First off, we have the perrrfect pedigree kind of people.

If you want good pedigree instead of just a cool pet, don't do it. get some cheap pets together and do a 1st and 2nd generation pets to get about the same pedigree as a more expensive one, this also is a good tip for people who are on a budget.

Then we have the looks is always best people.

If you just want a good looking pet, team up with one of your friends and roll the dice of luck, with the prices reduced, this is now reasonable for people who just want a pretty pet just for...

Well, just having it!

Last but not least, we have the derby/ talent people.

If you and arena goer, you'll want to have 2 pets that both have the "Spellproof" talent, and mix them to get better chances of getting a sweet arena pet.

This is the same for derby people, 2 pets with good talents to have them manifest into the ultimate derby pet.

There are so many pets, the possibilities are endless! Go try it for yourself!

Peace! :)

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