Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Celestia, I am as happy as a...

Guinea pigs eating a watermelon?
A dog chasing his tail?

A wizard casting spells?

I'm not sure what i'm as happy as, but Celestia is by far the best world they have released, keep up the great work Kingsisle! :)


  1. Celestia is the most different type of world they have released yet. Despite I die a lot, being that I'm a diviner, it's growing on me and I have to admit, in spite of it's hardships, it is by far, the best.

  2. Love the guinea pig video. I want to be that happy. :D

  3. @ lost, I totally agree with you, tough but a new and fun way to look at Wizard101.

    @Blaze Deathcaster: I would too. :)