Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heather Emeraldflame...

As many of you know already, Heather Emeraldflame passed away yesterday, and I would like to arrange a memorial service for her. I can get this all sorted out by Saturday, so here are the details if you wish to come.

Place: The Storm Tower, Torrence Realm
Date: Saturday, January 8, 2011
Time: 6:30 P.M, Mountain time
RSVP: By Friday, the 7th (to do so, comment on this post)

I would also like to address that this will be short, so only expect about 5-10 minutes out of this, because as Kestrel said in the comments, I don't want this to become anything holy, as we didn't know her very well.

(This is not a party, so please be respectful, and turn off your ports and use common sense)

(Also, we will have a wand lighting, so find the brightest wand you can!)

(P.S) If you do not have a blogger, please tell me on twitter, or my Wizard101 Central page.

Thank you!

Panglou :)


  1. It's my duty as a blogger and a Wizard to attend this. Here's my RSVP - I'm coming.

  2. I took a break from W101, with the exception of gardening, but I'd so be willing to come. As Dustin so well said, it's my duty as an active role in the community.

  3. I never had the honor to meet Heather but she is a light in the world of Wiz101 blogging, I will attend.

  4. I might come if I can.
    I'm in the eastern time zone so I would arrive at 8:30.
    I might be able to make a speech

  5. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend. I'll be away from my computer and internet at the time. But I will be thinking of her family at this time.

    ~Heather Raven

  6. This is NOT meant to be disrespectful, mean, or offensive in any way.

    Personally, I believe (and so do quite a few others close to Heather who wish to remain unnamed) that this whole memorial is a horrible thing.

    For one, Heather wouldn't have wanted it. She hated large gatherings. Besides, who would want a group of strangers commemorating their death... In a video game?

    Most of the people attending the memorial will be folks who never met Heather, and only found out about her recently. Their attendance wouldn't mean anything.

    It's not anyone's "duty as a blogger" to attend.

    Why on earth are we holding a memorial for someone most of us didn't even know? We only knew her for her blog, not as a person. It's rude and plain weird to hold a memorial in a video game.

    Another reason this is bad is because it will inevitably turn into a party, or a duelfest, or dogpiling on famous people. That's like celebrating someone's death. It's so terrible, and yet it will certainly happen.

    It's lovely that the community is showing so much support, but I (and others) just find it wrong to hold this. I think that perhaps we should all just think about Heather in our own minds, and hope that she is in a better place.

    The only way to prevent this from hurting anyone or offending anyone (which it certainly will, due to the atrocious nature)is by cancelling it.

    Sadly and disgustedly,

  7. I am making sure this doesn't happen by changing it to the storm tower, and making sure ports are OFF we are moving to the Torrence. No one is forced to attend obviously, it is just something that SOME people wanted, and I was the first person to actually foster this idea. I will make sure that everyone is very proper indeed. With all due concerns,


  8. Sends sympathy to her family and friends

  9. I knew her not well heck I don't even remember how we added each other. However since I can no longer say "Hi" when she was on I guess I can at least say Goodbye. I will be attending.

  10. As Heather's mother I think she would have loved the idea of a small and respectful memorial. This spiral world has been very important to her and I fell privileged that she shared it with me as well. Blessings to all of you who show you cared about Heather. She would be pleased.

  11. Keeping the focus on Heather, and sending good wishes to anyone who wishes to celebrate her life in whatever way brings them comfort. Thanks to Heather's mom for posting. Your daughter made a life-long impression on many people through this game. I can't imagine what you're going through, and I thank you for raising such remarkable woman.

  12. Thank you for sharing your opinion with us, Ms. Emeraldflame. :)

  13. I'll put in my best effort to come. Even though I didn't know her as well as others I know she is a very inspirational figure in this community and I will gladly show my respect to her in anyway that I can.

  14. I will surely be there. Heather will be in our hearts.

  15. I miss you Heather.
    I will be coming, if I can't come can I tweet you?

    Christo Skywalker

  16. Sorry for the late comment I will be coming tonight.

  17. I will go but what time is it in EST

  18. Thanks again for organizing the lovely memorial gathering for Heather Emeraldflame. Thanks to those who attended and said such nice things about her. I also want to give a special thanks to Heather's wonderful friend John Lifeglen for all he has done and for standing by me at the memorial. Peace to all and cherish those you love. Heather will always be ITS.
    Gabrielle Iceweaver, Heather's Mother