Monday, July 11, 2011

La PvP

Hello there people reading this! PvP in Wizard101 has recently come to my attention, and I really would like to start playing some ranked matches. However, I prefer to play in groups. Preferably a group of 4. So, I have decided to create a PvP team. If you can, I would appreciate if you could sign up. To do so, simply leave a comment with Your Wizard101 name, school, and Twitter if you have one.

ATTENTION! We need a storm/ice now!
Team: 3/4 slots are filled currently and the people within them would be JordanSeaWiz Isaac Stormflame, and myself. Also, please be over level 58. It doesn't matter at all your rank, as I am actually a private myself!

Players: Erin Boomweaver, Life, level 60
Jordan Seadreamer, Balance, level 60
Isaac Stormflame, Balance level 60

Twitter: Panglou (Erin boomweaver)

Jordan Seadreamer (Jordanseawiz)

Isaac Stormflame (aspCEO)


Finishing Touches: Our name shall be... Drum-roll please... "THE MEOW MASTERS!" Also note that Skype is great if you can, but is not required. But please do have a Twitter so it is easier to communicate! Thanks!

---Le Pang


  1. Isaac Stormflame Balance level 60

  2. That makes 2 balance! This might be interesting... :)