Monday, August 22, 2011

I challenge you to...

A battle of the minds! We all know that throughout Wizard101, the worlds get progressively harder. But just how hard can it get by just using the AI and not some cheating -90 shield and an insta-kill Bloodbat. (Yes, that's right, BLOODBAT.) In most games, the human is dominate, but what if they create mobs as strong as bosses. Imagine a bunch of Calypso's running up and down a street! But, we will get stronger too, so we'll counteract that... but, you can simply lower the counter-action and... BAM. You get a dominate AI, forcing us to use more tactics. Another way to approach the gap of PvE so that it's more equal is just simply making infinite levels, BUT, your XP bar will be huge, and you will have already completed all your quests. Gear would be set at a high level, so even if you did fight enough to keep leveling up, then you wouldn't get an advantage. After around 2 hard, main worlds or areas, you can give players better gear, because they have leveled up. Spells would work the same way, and would come out at around the same rate that they do now. Now how good your AI is also depends on how long the game will stay popular, AKA when you stop making worlds. Maybe they could just stop making worlds at one point, but throw this infinite level system where we have to fight to level up, and it would not matter, more or less just bragging rights. You would gain a small amount of mana and HP, so you are not too dominate over people who have not. And now this is just turning into a ramble... Oh well. If programers can make the AI human like, to the point where we have to have a high level, good gear, and pleny of tricks up our sleeve... then what happens in the future? This is where the whole "Sapient, Overlord Robots" theory comes in.

Well Congrats, you made it through the ramble! Here's your reward.

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