Monday, May 23, 2011

Karagasa: The Patchwork Troll

Karagasa was always teased as a trolling. He stayed away from other trollings, and was very creative and hard-working. One night, he created a ragdoll. He had many adventures with it, and had it with him wherever he went. While he was venturing with his "Steve" as he would call him, he came upon an old witch hag. She said that his friend could be even better. He couldn't put an offer down like this! He agreed, and they started the ritual. But, something went wrong during it and the ragdoll was combined with HIM! He became the patchwork troll. He DEFIANTLY didn't want to be teased with this. He created himself a maul, and smelted it to his hand. He doesn't feel pain, and he uses this to his advantage. With his maul, and his fabric skin, he turned into an immortal being. That is; until someone rips the stuffing out! Now, he will always be with his beloved Steve. Happy ending. Blah blah blah. /smile :)

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