Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My thoughts on "OVERPOWERED!" in gaming.

Almost ALL gaming communities have some hero, class, or even item that many shun to be "OP" or, (for people unfamiliar with this term) overpowered. Every single game I've played, if it was an MMO, and RPG or a RTS, there was always a single (or few) OP things that most people didn't like. Some take advantage in these things, even if it costs them the angry people, and even insults once in awhile. For example; in Wizard101, many people, (especially lower-leveled players) think that the class of storm is too powerful. I've seen some threads that directly blame the wonderful producers of the game. This, is certainly untrue. They try to find balance with things in their game, to make it work in harmony, many gears turning at the same time. Now, even if these designers and planners overlook these things in their creating process doesn't mean it's all their fault. Most times they go back and fix it in a later patch or update, to make it more equalized, or "Nerfed" in nerd terms. Many times they actually want that "thing" to be that powerful, so they make something in the game counter it better.

Sometimes it's actually the players of this so-called overpowered force! Sometimes, they cheat, but mostly it's just a good strategy of using it, or power boosts from other things. So, usually it's pointless of complaining unless it's TOTALLY ruining you experience, or if it's just a very small thing that you won't get too passionated about, sticking very hard to your opinion.

So, don't end up like the guy in the picture, raging, or threating to quit!

A little opinion by:

Le' Panglou!

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