Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lydia, the Dark Healer

I drew this, and now here is her story!

Lydia was born with arcane arts, and a dark desire. When she was just two years, she was sent off to learn how to use her arcane gifts. She wanted to leave the school, and learn her own way of magic. After five years in her prison of good magic, she finally created a tomb of spells for her to mend when she escaped. Six months later, she created her first dark spell. It was a sacrificial healing spell. She had to have blood, (Or LOTS of mana) to cast it. She snuck into the headmasters quarters one night, and cast it. He died, and she used the spell to heal a dying student. With all the commotion of him being dead, she silently escaped the school the night after. After a month of searching for a new home, and healing herself using weak villagers from small towns she passed, she found and open tomb in an old graveyard. She decided to live here, as it was 10 miles away from a village, making it so she could still heal herself, while staying hidden. There she lived for 190 years, creating sacrificial magic. After the town was deserted, and no more villagers remained, she had to feed off the life of animals. This only sustained her slightly, and she died withing 5 years of them leaving. On her last full moon, the sky above the graveyard was blood-red, and she cast her final spell: for her to be resurrected in 400 years. She awakened, more stronger and ever, and now she has found her old graveyard to be the sewers of New York City. She had lost her tomb during her rest, and has set out to find it. She stalks the dark alleyways, subway tunnels, and sewer systems for her long-lost tomb.

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